August 30, 2018

Snake Avoidance

"Great place to take your dog. I took my dog Memphis to get rattlesnake trained about 3 years ago and can say he got the point. Took him back for a refresher course and he wanted nothing to do with the snake. Definitely worth the drive and $60 and knowing I've done my part to protect my hunting buddy. Cory is very informative and great at what she does. "
July 19, 2016

"Fantastic place. Great on snake training. Also great kennel for my hunting dog. I can't understand why anyone would not get their dog snake trained."
May 13, 2016

"The Winters have saved as many dogs from the often fatal bite of a snake. Our boxer will not attack a rattlesnake or a copperhead."
March 29, 2016

"They trained my Golden Retriever 9 years ago. She's by far the best dog I've ever owned and a large part of that is the discipline learned from them"